Christmas 2011

The Christmas celebrations continued with the Medina County Chorus performing a Christmas Concert. Glorious voices resounded through the Activity Room. A local Brownie Troop spent time with the residents by crafting adorable snowman This was a quiet relaxing event that the residents seemed to enjoy. Sue Patrick and her friends also hosted a Christmas party where each resident received necessity items. Oranges, Bananas and Apples are a treat for each resident! Again Sue and her gang have been doing this for many many years! Each Christmas we have our annual Christmas luncheon with the resident's families and other guests. Several our residents helped with creating our centerpieces (candy Lollipop) and gingerbread place cards. The Medina County Women's Club hosted a Christmas sing-a-long and passed out gifts. Such wonderful blessings that we receive from them as well as the other organizations that celebrate the holiday with us!